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Residential Boarding and Training package is a customized training plan built for your dog to work on specific areas, combining both obedience and behaviour training.


Residential training covers most aspects of training that your dog requires, such as basic commands, walking on a loose lead, walking off the lead, recall work, jumping up.

Unlike other boarding packages, you can get 'hands on' with the training by coming back every few days to spend time with your dog. This helps you keep up with the training and teaches your dog to work with you - not just the trainer. This is the key to the training working and at the end of the training your dogs newly acquired skills will be demonstrated to you when you pick up your dog.

When training has finished, you will receive two complimentary one-on-one sessions at home where I will show you how to make the best of the training we have completed with your dog. Any follow up training required within a year will be offered free of charge.

Before training starts, I will need to assess your dog prior to training. This is quite a complex assessment taking between 2 to 4 hours to complete and costs £90.00 per dog. This fee will be taken off the training cost if you take out a residential training package with us.

Residential training is NOT suitable for dogs that suffer with any of the following behavioural problems.

  • Aggressive to other people or dogs

  • Excessive barking

  • Separation anxiety

  • Fear behavioural problems

  • Toilet training problems

  • Excessive nervousness

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Compulsive disorders

  • Self mutilation

These are best dealt with in a one to one training session.

We promise we will never use:

  • Choke chains or half choke chain dog collars

  • Pinch or prong collars

  • Electric collars

  • Alpha role playing or Cesar Millan training techniques

  • Water bombs

  • Hitting, shouting, kicking or any form of violence towards you or your dog

  • Anything you are not comfortable with, or doing

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