Microchipping your dog

Microchipping pets

We are fully a qualified registered microchip implanter, able to implant microchips for all kinds of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and fish.

Puppy being microchipped

If you've ever lost a beloved pet, you know how devastating it can feel. For a small fee you can have your pet microchipped and give yourselves the best chance of being reunited.

The implantation procedure is just like an everyday injection which takes less than 15 minutes and is an excellent way of being able to identify your pet if they become lost. You pet will be covered for life by Petlog which is the best operator available, furthermore it is owned by the Kennel Club. Petlog is linked to a European network of databases, giving you the best chance of finding your pets wherever they are lost.

Microchipping provides a permanent, inexpensive form of identification that cannot be lost, altered or intentionally removed and is the most effective way of identifying a lost pet, chips don't come off like collars can and will last over 99 years, a quick scan of the chip by a dog warden, shelter or vet reveals the owners name, address and contact numbers from the database records therefore reuniting the animal with its owner more quickly.

Please note only registered people like myself can get your info from the chip by calling Petlog.

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