Dog training

Fearful Labrador Retriever

The story of Jess

Jess was a 1 year old very fearful Labrador Retriever. Before training, she would bark and lunge at every dog she saw whilst out on a walk. This left her owners with a restricted lifestyle having to take her out in the early hours of the morning or late at night, to avoid meeting others' dogs on walks. After 8 weeks of training the owners can now take Jess out anywhere on a calm relaxing walk and enjoy her for the lovely dog which she is.

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Taking owners for a walk

The story of Leo

The highlight of owning a dog is the pleasure you get from taking them for a relaxing walk. This is often robbed from dog owners, like the owners of Leo the French Spaniel who loved nothing better than to take his owners for a walk. His owners had previously tried working with other dog trainers, but to no avail. With our tailor-made package, combined with our hand’s on approach, we quickly got the owners back in the driving seat.

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Recall training

The story of Meka

One of the best parts of being a dog owner is been able to let your companion off the lead, but for a lot of dog owners it can be a stressful experience leaving their hearts in their mouths. Like the owner of Meka a lovely German Shepherd who is typical of her breed, very confident and bold wanting to say hello to everyone she meets. Within just 4 weeks of the training starting Meka was fully off the lead and enjoying playing with other dogs, with her owner confident in the knowledge that she was safe and would return when called.

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Out of control

The story of Buddy

Buddy was a rescue dog with no boundaries. This combined with bad manners left the owners at their wits end with him. Before training, Buddy would jump up at people, bark at anything from people, dogs and motor vehicles. Buddy had dragged his owners over onto a main road on more than one occasion. After 6 weeks hard training with the owners, combined with 2 weeks at our residential facility, we gave Buddy clear boundaries and the owners back in full control of him.

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Puppy on the right track

The story of Rosie

Getting a puppy or adding one to an existing household is a big commitment. With all our training, you receive the right level of support tailored for specific needs. Whether this is a one off visit or weekly or monthly visits, we can tailor all our training to suit everyone's individual needs and cover all your requirements.

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